Best Roofer Marketing Tips for Roofers on How to Get 5-star Google Reviews | Tips for Roofers on How to Get 5-star Google Reviews
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Tips for Roofers on How to Get 5-star Google Reviews

Posted by BēST Roofer Marketing on April 26, 2023

As a roofing contractor, earning positive customer reviews from satisfied customers is essential for building and growing your business. Not only do 5-star reviews serve as a testament to the customer experience, but they also help establish your reputation as a trustworthy and reliable local business in the eyes of potential customers. However, getting more 5-star reviews can be challenging, especially in an industry as competitive as roofing. In this guide, we'll explore some effective strategies that you can use to increase the number of positive reviews you receive, improve your online reputation, and ultimately attract more customers to your business.

How important is a 5-Star Rating on Google? 

5-star ratings on Google are essential for businesses, including roofing contractors. They serve as a powerful form of social proof and can significantly impact a company's online reputation and search engine optimization. When potential customers search for roofing contractors on Google, they will likely come across a list of companies in their area, along with their star ratings and reviews. Businesses with high ratings and positive reviews are more likely to stand out and be considered by customers looking for quality services.

Furthermore, Google considers a company's rating and reviews when ranking them in search results. Business Owners with high ratings and positive reviews are more likely to appear at the top of search results, which can increase visibility and website traffic. In summary, 5-star ratings on Google are crucial for roofing contractors who want to establish a strong online presence and attract new customers.

How does a contractor get more Google Online Reviews? 

  • Ask for Reviews in Person

The simplest way to get more reviews is to ask satisfied customers to leave a review on Google. After completing a project, have your foreman politely ask them to go leave a review while they still have the job top of mind. In addition, when you send any correspondence such as the bill or a thank you card, include your Google Business Profile link with a review request. People are more likely to leave a good review when you are still on top of mind and they are pleased with their experience. 

  • Share Leave us a Review Card

One of the complimentary services we offer our clients at Best Roofer Marketing is Leave a Review Cards. We will use your logo and branding to design you a complimentary Leave Us A Review Card that your employees can pass out after completing the project. 

Leave a review card compliments of Best Roofer Marketing
  • Create a contest with employees

One way to increase customer participation and motivate your employees is by creating a contest for which salesmen/foremen can get the most positive reviews in a month on Google. Give away a gift card to a local restaurant or business. We recently encouraged one of our clients to do this and they went from 0 reviews to 20 good reviews in one month! 

  • Respond to Reviews

Responding to reviews, both positive and negative, shows that you care about your customers and their experiences. It also encourages more people to leave a review. If you have a bad review, sometimes it's a good idea to reach out to the customer and see if you can amend their experience and then ask them to go back and change the review. 

  • Use a Review Software 

Review management tools help you to receive reviews and respond to them in a timely manner. They can connect to your CSM program and auto-send emails and SMS on your behalf to help achieve five-star reviews.  

  • Share your positive reviews on social media and ask others to share or go leave one  

The best way to remind a customer to leave a review is to broadcast current ones on your social pages and ask your audience to go leave one as well. Remember to add the link to your Google Review Link so it is easy to find and access! 

Remain compliant with Best Practices for Google 

Don't Buy Reviews.

 Paying for reviews is like investing in fake friends. Sure, you'll get an instant ego boost, but the feeling won't last long. Additionally, people can easily spot suspicious reviews. Besides, it's unethical and shady. 

Don't get too many Reviews at once.

Avoid getting too many reviews at once. It's understandable to want to speed things up, but slow and steady wins the race. Google favors organic and natural growth in reviews. Therefore, be patient and avoid rushing things. 

Fake reviews are never a good idea.

You risk losing credibility and potential customers. Keep it real, and you'll gain valuable trust and integrity in the long run.

​The Best Practices to Implement for Your Google Business Profile Aside from Reviews 

If you want to maximize the visibility of your business online, setting up and optimizing your Google Business Profile is a great place to start. But simply creating a profile isn't enough. To truly make your profile stand out, you need to implement the best practices that will help your profile get noticed by potential customers. First and foremost, make sure you have accurate information about your business, including address, phone number, and website URL for Google maps. You also need to add high-quality photos, respond to customer reviews, and post regular updates about your business. By following these best practices, you can ensure that your Google Business Profile becomes a valuable tool for reaching new customers and growing your business.

Conclusion on How to Get Google Business Reviews 

You now have easy steps to help you effectively manage your online reputation and increase customer trust in your business. Remember that quality reviews from satisfied customers can be a powerful way to differentiate your business from the competition, boost your search engine visibility, and improve customer loyalty. But getting those five-star Google reviews is not something that happens overnight. It requires consistency and dedication to engage with customers on the platforms where they are active and take the time to solicit feedback for their experiences. You must also remain diligent about responding to customer reviews in a timely manner, taking responsibility for any negative comments along with appreciating praise for favorable ones. Put these guidelines into practice, and soon you'll have an abundance of glowing five-star reviews pouring into Google!

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