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The Best Roofing Sales Training Course to close more deals

In the roofing industry, it's important for sales professionals to stay ahead of the competition and continuously enhance their skills. Roofing sales training provides an […]

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Roofing Sales Training

The Best Roofing Apps to skyrocket your business in 2023

Are you looking for an easier and more efficient way to manage your roofing business? Then look no further. This blog will explore the best […]

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The Best Roofing Apps

Door Knocking Marketing for Roofers: It’s Not Dead but it is Digital

Roofer marketing efforts have traditionally relied on the knock on the door followed by the roofer marketing practice of an in-person assessment of the owner’s […]

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Door Knocking Marketing for Roofers

Tips for Roofers on How to Get 5-star Google Reviews

As a roofing contractor, earning positive customer reviews from satisfied customers is essential for building and growing your business. Not only do 5-star reviews serve […]

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How to Get 5 Star Google Reviews

How women in the roofing industry are succeeding

The roofing industry has historically been male-dominated; however, the inclusion of women in roofing is growing exponentially. At Best Roofer Marketing, we are excited to […]

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the resources available to help women in roofing elevate their careers.

12 Proven Steps to get the best ROI with your Roofer Marketing Investment Plan.

As a professional roofer you need a professional roofing marketing plan – preferably digital marketing strategies developed specifically for you

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Your Roofer Marketing Investment Plan


With the passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill in early November 2021, the outlook for the roofing and construction industries could not be brighter.  The […]

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Workers of Tomorrow Today: Future

How to find quality workers for your roofing business using Trade organizations

Word of mouth or an ad run in the local paper used to be all that was needed to get potential workers lined up at […]

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Workers of Tomorrow Today: Process


You’ve tweaked your website.  You’ve activated referral apps.  You have great reviews on Google, Yelp, and social media.  Business opportunities are flowing in, and you […]

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Workers of Tomorrow Today: Overview

Lowest Price Wins the Sale, Yes?

WELL, NO, ACTUALLY The real estate market isn’t the only industry in which customers have multiple bid offers to consider.  Increasingly, those in roofing sales […]

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What Really Wins the Sale

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