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12 Proven Steps to ensure your Roofer Marketing Investment Plan results in more qualified calls with an increased Conversion Ratio

Posted by BēST Roofer Marketing on June 9, 2021

You built your roofing business by delivering a great product and great customer service.  Your business has grown through word of mouth, customer referral, and a few online reviews.  But all these techniques have the same thing in common.  They are effective but slow.  You can only meet so many people in a day and hand out business cards.  Customers only have so many friends and business associates, and most of those people will only need a roof once every 20 years.  And as for reviews?  Well, customers can only write ONE positive review to document their experience.  Therefore, you need a professional roofing marketing plan – preferably a professional roofer marketing plan developed specifically for you.

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Before detailing the specific steps involved, let’s address the key concern of many roofing business owners; namely, why is a professional roofing marketing plan so expensive?  One word.  Expertise.  You are paying for roofer marketing expertise.    A professional, such as myself, understands all aspects of conventional and digital marketing and how to maximize your roofer marketing dollars.  In fact, as a Google 5 star rated certified professional, I have a proven history of creating successful repeatable sales processes (more on this idea in step 8) which have resulted in upwards of a 75% closing rate.

So, the Dirty Dozen…

  1. Hire a Professional
  2. Comparison shop
  3. Develop a Digital Marketing Plan
  4. Establish a rapport with your Marketing Team
  5. Know your Numbers
  6. Develop a plan for Roofing Leads
  7. Support your Sales Team
  8. Create a repeatable Process and Story
  9. Develop a Mentorship Program
  10. Maximize your Presence
  11. Offer a Maintenance and Referral Program
  12. Stay open and flexible

Step 1:  Hire a Professional

Modern day marketing is complex.  Don’t go it alone; pay the professionals.  The owner of a marketing agency is not qualified to replace his own roof.  Likewise, you are not qualified to do your own marketing.  Today’s marketing is a complex blend of traditional techniques such as in person marketing (the knock on the door), as well as truck wraps, print ads, websites, digital ads, social media, video, retargeting, programmatic and on and on and on.  A professional understands how these diverse options work together and how they best work to promote your roofing business.

Step 2:   Comparison shop

The value of quality marketing in generating guaranteed paid jobs cannot be overstated.  Therefore, this is not the time to hire your niece or a friend of a friend.  You’re trying to build a multi-million-dollar roofing empire.  Hiring your teenage daughter’s boyfriend to build you a website will give you a website that looks like, well, a teenager built it. Your competition is spending money to develop an up-to-date, user friendly, intuitive website.  As a point of first contact with your business, your customers will feel much more confident spending $15,000 - $20,000 on roof replacements if your website is state of the art.

Cost is an important consideration.  As with other services you should contact at least three to four marketing agencies before making a decision.  Marketing companies which offer one size fits all marketing packages for a set fee do not have your specific needs in mind.   You cannot do competent digital marketing with $399 or $799 off-the-shelf packages.  Think about it.  Pre-designed packages offer only the simplest marketing options.  They are a one size fits all; however, in the world of marketing one size never fits all.  Your roofing company is unique and the offerings of your company are unique.  Choose a marketing agency which can articulate what makes your company unique and can develop a plan to communicate that to the homeowning public.

Step 3:  Develop a Digital Marketing Plan

You comparison shopped, and you chose a marketing agency that appreciates your company and its specific roofing demand gen needs.  Marketing plan finished, right?  Not so fast.  Effective digital marketing is a complicated beast.  There are many steps to best practices in roofer marketing.  Establish a pay per click campaign, optimize your Google My Business listing, get high reviews over a variety of customer review platforms, create website posts, optimize to the search engine’s liking, SEO (Search Energy Optimization), place LSA (local service ads), interact regularly with all Social Media platforms, create regular Video content for digital platforms – all of these options require a big initial investment of time followed by regular engagement.  Research shows that the most effective digital marketing requires daily engagement.  You are busy replacing roofs.  Your time is best spent on your business.  It is the job of your marketing team to regularly update and modify your digital platforms.  Hence, why you hire a professional.

In addition, your best roofing professional marketing agency will need access to all of your platforms:  website and social media logins.  Trust your agency to adapt and modify your digital content for uniformity across platforms with effective strategies.

Step 4:  Establish a rapport with your Marketing Team

A reminder.  Developing and establishing an effective digital marketing plan takes time.  Initially, you may need to set aside daily time to work with your marketing team on the strategies that will push your business to the top of digital search engines.  It may be hard to set aside the appropriate amount of time while running your business, but this time is crucial.  Provide clear and realistic expectations of what you hope to achieve through your marketing plan to your marketing team and be ready to listen and adopt their suggestions.  After the first 3-6 months, you will have evidence of how well your marketing plan is working, and together you will know where to make the necessary tweaks for the maximum return on your marketing dollar.

Step 5:  Know your Numbers

Here are the cold hard facts of how best roofer marketing practices can translate into real income.  Typically, anything north of a 4:1 return on ad spending is seen as favorable in digital marketing for roofers.  So, let’s say hypothetically you are investing $5,000 per month on ads and another $2,500 on all other digital marketing services.  That is a $7,500 monthly total investment, which may be a lot for new start-up roofing companies, but actually very little for established roofers in the Atlanta, GA metropolitan area who often spend over $5,000, $10,000 and some as high as $45,000 per month on Google advertising alone.

So, in this scenario, if you received 3 leads per week for roof replacements and closed one of them at an average order value of $12,500 for a new roof, your business’ top line is essentially growing by $50,000 per month for a $7,500 investment or a 6.67:1 return.  To break this down further, if you have a 35% profit margin you are making $17,500 for a $7,500 investment or more than doubling your money, month over month.

The above calculations are based on 12 leads and a 33% closing ratio, better than many industries’ average.  In fact, Hubspot interviewed 8,900 companies’ sales organizations across 28 industries and found that the average closing ratio in the construction category was 22%.

You can utilize our Best Roofer Marketing lead, closing, and revenue calculators here.

Step 6:  Develop a plan for Roofing Leads

You have worked with your best roofer marketing agency.  You have developed a marketing plan to generate leads from various digital platforms for your business.  Now what?  Well, now you need to have a well-defined and detailed process to follow up on those leads.  Having consulted over 3,000 small businesses, and specifically 100+ roofing companies throughout the last 15 years, we have firsthand knowledge of how poorly leads are handled.  Customer calls or emails left days without a response; no follow-up with potential customers after an initial contact; no written bid proposals submitted to potential customers; any or all of these failures result in loss of jobs.  And the loss of jobs is not only costly, but unnecessary.

The job of your best roofer marketing agency is to present you with qualified opportunities for potential work.  Your job, as the roofing company contacted, is to follow up thoroughly and close the deals.  You must develop and commit to a solid sales process to ensure homeowners or business owners have the best customer experience.

Step 7:  Support your Sales Team

Provide your sales team with the tools they need to be successful.  Much research has been conducted into the exact process of getting a customer from no to yes.  Your sales team should have access to professional sales training with an instructor who has a proven record of successful sales.  In other words, you absolutely must invest in professional sales training for your team.

Once your team has benefited from professional sales training, create a specific and detailed commission or incentive path for your sales team to earn the income they desire.  Personal ownership of the process to a fair salary and compensation is the best motivator for your team to pursue and deliver great customer service.  Providing appropriate training and monetary incentives demonstrates that you value and trust your sales team, and in turn, they will be motivated to deliver jobs.

Step 8:  Create a repeatable Process and Story

To further elaborate on Step 7, the path to success is in creating a repeatable sales process and story.  The process begins the moment your sales team makes contact with a potential customer.  Again, be specific in developing a process for your team.  Should initial contact with the customer be within 24 hours of obtaining the lead, or 60 mins?  What is the timeframe for follow-up with the customer after initial contact?  Will follow-up be calls, emails, or both?  What other specific steps should be included in the process?

The repeatable story is, in essence, a script for your sales team.  Your sales team will need to educate homeowners and business owners who need roof repairs or replacements with relevant information expressed in an award-winning format, while still allowing your sales team to adapt the script to a potential customer’s specific situation.  We have built top performing sales teams within major organizations.  I once helped run the top sales team in the country for a $2B international marketing agency.  Five years in a row my team was the top performing sales team.  The trick?  I developed a sales process and script that was so effective my team closed at a 75% plus rate one year, all the while giving our clients excellent results.

Step 9:  Develop a Mentorship Program

Inevitably, some of your roofing sales team will find selling roof replacements and roof repairs much easier than other team members.  Choose a top sales performer, with good people skills, to act as a mentor for newer or less successful sales staff.  Pay this mentor a SPIF (sales performance incentive fund) for helping members of your sales team, so the mentor’s time is not wasted, and the mentor doesn’t feel he’s missing out on sales of his or her own.  Assigning mentors communicates to your sales team that they are, in fact, a team working together to bring revenue to the company.  This strategy will level up your teammates and more of them will be motivated to produce for you.

Step 10:  Maximize your Local Market Presence

Digital marketing is the future of business marketing.  The internet with its social platforms and literally world-wide reach makes it the most cost-effective marketing tool.  However, some traditional marketing tools are not yet obsolete for roofers.  In the process of doing a roof replacement, you are likely setting up shop for a few days within a neighborhood.  Use your wrapped trucks, yard signs, door-hangers, personal letters from the owners, and neighborhood canvassers while you are completing a job. I have proven processes that will help your roofing door-knockers differentiate themselves from the pack to begin securing more roof replacement opportunities immediately within a designated neighborhood.

As a complement to these tried-and-true techniques, consider adding in another 21st century technique – the live feed video on your roofer social media.  A variety of cameras are available that you can use to show up close the work of changing out a roof, the best practices when doing so, and the overall result of the work.  In most cases the newer smartphones provide higher quality for your roofing pictures and videos than major name brand cameras. As they say, seeing is believing.  Giving customers a chance to see your quality work and product before they commit to buying from your roofing company is an optimum way to close the deal.

Step 11:  Offer a Roof Maintenance and Referral Program

Though most homeowners will only need a complete new roof once every 20 years, as you are well aware, most roofs will need ongoing maintenance.  Consider creating a yearly maintenance program, for a modest fee, in which you make contact with an existing customer to check on the health and welfare of the roof.  If you choose not to develop a defined maintenance program, consider developing a process for staying in touch with previous customers.  This process can be as simple as sending an email once a quarter to check on health of the customer’s roof or as complex as sending regular (but not too frequent) emails with industry news, useful tips, and contact information for repairs.  The point of these ideas is to create opportunities to remind your customers that you are still available.  Nurture customer relationships.  If your previous customer does not need your services, the timely reminder of your presence may cloverleaf into new opportunities with neighboring customers.

Create a defined Referral Program and make it lucrative.  You are selling $12,000 - $20,000 roofs.  A $25 referral fee is hardly worth the time it takes to write a review or a social media post.  Be generous.  Offer a $250 or $500 referral fee, payable upon receipt of a signed contract, and you may find your previous customers become some of your best marketers.

Step 12:  Stay open and flexible

Above all, choose a best roofer marketing agency that understands where you currently are and where you desire to go with your business.  Trust the roofer marketing professional to develop a comprehensive, accessible marketing plan for you and your employees and commit to implementing that plan.  However, understand that marketing in the digital age is a moving target.  Best practices today may be obsolete tomorrow.  Listen to your marketing professional and be willing to consider strategic changes immediately.  The internet moves fast, so you should be willing to adapt quickly.

But marketing is also a process.  Some ideas work better than others, and some ideas have a definite shelf life.  If you try a technique, and you feel it didn’t work, see it as a learning opportunity.  Move on and try something else.  The goal of best practices roofer marketing is not perfection; rather, the goal is generating leads that turn into customer jobs.  It will always be a combination of approaches that create success.  Be willing to try and try and try and preserve what works while ditching what doesn’t.

And so, there it is.  The Dirty Dozen of Sales & Digital Marketing for Roofers.  These are the proven steps that definitely support the sales efforts you may already be utilizing.  Embrace these steps and you will experience best roofer marketing at the next level.  Specifically, the level where potential customers leads seek you and your company out, and you close deals to increase your sales and revenue.  To download the Best Sales & Marketing Checklist in 2021 For Roofing Companies, visit:

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