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Lowest Price Wins the Sale, Yes?

Posted by BēST Roofer Marketing on August 6, 2021


The real estate market isn’t the only industry in which customers have multiple bid offers to consider.  Increasingly, those in roofing sales and marketing are also finding themselves competing against other roofing companies to win customers.  Best roofing marketing practices dictate that good reviews and referrals are helpful, but price wins the day every day, right?  Wrong.  Assessments of consumer motivations consistently rank price in the lower categories of what’s driving overall choice.  In fact, we here at Best Roofer Marketing know the three most important factors to focus on to win the sale every time – and price didn’t make the list.

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A homeowner who needs a new roof has a problem.  And homeowners, like everyone else these days, want their problem fixed fast.  Be sure that you have effective ways to generate roof replacement leads, but most importantly, RESPOND QUICKLY TO THOSE ROOFING LEADS.  Best roofer marketing practices are to respond to leads within 1-2 hours, not 24 hours.  What’s more, the best-converting roofing companies respond within just minutes to form submissions and missed phone calls.  There are many automation tools we coach our roofers to get that address the speed issues.  Responding quickly to a lead shows potential customers that you can deliver solutions to their problems.  Having responded quickly to the initial roof repair or replacement lead request helps to build trust that you will complete the job quickly and expertly.  More importantly, contact the home or business owner will often stop their search and they are no longer calling your competitors.  More often than not, a great offense is powered by an even better defense.


Factor One to win the contract is to respond quickly to leads.  Factor Two is great Customer Service.  Deliver on what you promise.  Quickly and efficiently complete roof repair or replacement.  Every successful job builds your reputation for exceptional service and products.  Give customers multiple reasons – beginning with a quick initial response, to a comprehensive proposal, to a quality roof installation - to write and publish a five-star review of your roofing business.  Furthermore, having won over customers, recruit their sales skills by offering a dynamite referral program.  You can assure potential customers of your superb service, but nothing takes the place of excellent customer reviews.  Your customers will talk about their experience with your company whether you engage them or not.  People will pay more to work with someone recommended by someone they trust.  Great customer service creates trust between you and your customer.  As you are trusted by the customer, referrals will already be pre-disposed to trust you, and thereby HIRE you.


Studies show time and time again that people will happily pay more for services if they understand just how the additional cost directly benefits them.  You know that your best roofing replacement estimate is priced to give your customer, not the cheapest option, but the best value option.  The most successful roofing companies understand their initial role is to coach a customer through the process of choosing and purchasing a roof.  If you can educate the homeowner about the benefits of quality over rock bottom price, you will win the business.  That’s why Best Roofer Marketing invests so much time with our clients coaching them in best roofer marketing practices, so they, in turn, have the skills to educate their customers.  Everyone wants a deal, but as you will explain to your customers, the best deals aren’t always about price.  Remember, people don’t buy things they don’t understand and when you don’t prove the value, it’s always about dollars and cents (something everybody understands).

The competition for customers is real.  Most homeowners think they want to base their roofing business choice on color or appearance or price, and little else.  So, the temptation to win customers by coming in as the lowest bid is also real.  But what will set you apart, and most importantly, WIN YOU THE BID, is a commitment to speed, service, and coaching.  We, here at Best Roofing Marketing, have seen it time and time again.  Let us help you help your client leads.

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