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How women in the roofing industry are succeeding

Posted by Amanda Elchos-Williamson on April 12, 2023

The roofing industry has historically been male-dominated; however, the inclusion of women in roofing is growing exponentially. At Best Roofer Marketing, we are excited to support this network of women looking to improve the roofing industry. Amanda, BRM Client Success Manager, recently attended the National Women in Roofing Day at the International Roofing Expo to learn more about this volunteer-based organization and the valuable contributions of women in the roofing industry.

Amanda, Client Success Manager for Best Roofer Marketing pictured with Heidi Ellsworth, one of the founders of the National Women in Roofing.

What is National Women in Roofing?

National Women in Roofing (NWiR) is a volunteer-based national organization that supports and advances the careers of women roofing professionals, from manufacturing to design to installation, investigation to repair to management, and every step in between. NWiR provides networking, mentoring, education, and industry recruitment opportunities from the rooftop to the boardroom for the young professional at the start of her career to the seasoned manager in the executive suite. Through a commitment to connect and empower women in roofing, NWiR members contribute to the overall betterment and professionalism of the roofing industry.

Membership also includes and welcomes men who support the inclusion of women in the roofing industry. Working together, NWiR members are bringing the industry to a new level of excellence by supporting and promoting the contributions of women as an essential component of the future of roofing.

Past NWIR video


Before the International Roofing Expo, the NWIR held a one-day conference that provided an opportunity to foster new relationships between females (and male members) in the construction industry. This year (2023), the meeting began with breakfast and keynote speaker Nora Burns, who spoke on her HR executive experience and research as The Undercover Employee™ & The Undercover Candidate™. The attendees were then allowed to go into break-out sessions hosted by fellow roofing professionals on various topics. Lunch was provided, and an opportunity to mingle and network. After more break-out sessions, there was an NWIR mentoring committee that offered advice and discussions for attendees. The day concluded with an awards ceremony and the Rising Star award presentation.

National Women in Roofing Conference at IRE 2023
National Women in Roofing Day scenes 2023 Dallas, TX

Ways Women are Improving the Roofing Industry

  • Increased representation

One of the most significant ways in which women are improving the roofing industry is by increasing their representation in the field. More and more women are entering the industry and taking up positions as roofing professionals, such as roofers, project managers, and estimators. This increased representation is helping to break down traditional gender stereotypes and create a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

  • Skills and expertise

Women bring unique skills and expertise to the roofing industry, such as attention to detail, problem-solving abilities, and a strong focus on safety. These skills are valuable in the roofing industry, where precision and safety are critical for successful roofing projects.

  • Leadership

Women are increasingly taking on leadership roles in the roofing industry. This includes positions such as project managers, supervisors, and company owners. By taking on leadership roles, women are helping to drive innovation and change in the industry.

  • Advocacy

Women are also advocating for change in the roofing industry. They are raising awareness of the challenges and opportunities for women in the field and pushing for greater diversity and inclusion. This advocacy is helping to create a more welcoming and supportive environment for women in the industry. With the labor shortage in America right now, females are filling in the gaps.

Best Roofer Marketing's contributions to IRE 

 Best Roofer Marketing had a very strong presence, with representatives from many departments of our agency showing up and helping out roofers from across the country.  Initially, we made the trek to Dallas, TX, by way of one of our strategic partners, Atlas Roofing Shingles, helping out as their contracted in-house film crew.  We captured highlights from the Atlas Lodge, their amazing truck giveaway, partner raffles, and various booths/teams all throughout the event.  In addition, Best Roofer Marketing networked with contractors, and our partners from all over, discussing everything from the latest marketing and video trends to the quality of the local barbecue smokehouses.  Intentionally focusing on quality time with our customers and prospects far outweighed the return of having a booth.  Check us out at several upcoming shows in 2023, including RoofCON where we will have another significant presence this November, returning for year two in sunny Orlando, FL.

Atlas Roofing Shingles Booth at IRE 2023
Winners of the Atlas Roofing Shingles truck giveaway at IRE

Spotlight on Women Roofers

Women contribute significantly to the roofing industry by bringing new perspectives, skills, and expertise. As more women enter the field, the industry becomes more diverse and inclusive, which can only lead to better outcomes for all involved. We are excited to partner with the NWIR and the purposeful movement they strive to achieve as we all look to improve the roofing career industry. If your roofing company needs assistance with sales education or digital marketing, you know where to find us. We are here to help you meet your goals!

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