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How can Hail Trace increase your Roofing Business Profits?

Posted by BēST Roofer Marketing on December 14, 2022

What is Hail Trace?

The Hail Trace app is a subscription app that provides a severe weather mapping service with unlimited access to live hail maps and an archive of maps of weather forensics. This helps roofing companies with actionable data that is generated to nurture existing customers, build new leads, and track potential prospects to keep the sales pipeline full.

HailTrace Weather App 4.0

 Hail Trace has a team of 5 meteorology experts that analyze and build a database of hail damage, wind, and tornado events across all of the United States and Canada. They offer the most accurate mapping service in the world. With a team of meteorologists that not only verify and make the maps but can provide address-specific reports to help solidify the date of any loss. 

How does Hail Trace work? 

The Hail Trace team of expert meteorologists use their over 10,000 hours of mapping experience to analyze dual-pol radar to depict where hail, wind, or tornadoes are impacting any given area. It provides forecast abilities for roofing companies to get a head start on the insurance claim process.

Roofing companies can track impending bad weather with Hail Trace software.
Track impending bad weather with Hail Trace.

What benefit does Hail Trace offer to the roofing industry? 

Hail Trace offers the most accurate mapping service in the world. With a team of meteorologists that not only verify and make the maps they can provide address specific reports to help solidify the date of losses. This solves wasting time in areas that have not been impacted by severe weather and being able to help find the best date of loss when trying to get a claim approved. 

Tornado Damage and roofing repair
The destruction left behind by tornadoes that ravaged the area of Saint Louis, Missouri

What separates Hail Trace from its competitors?

The greatest difference that separates Hail Trace from its competitors is the accuracy of its forecast abilities and maps. They are the only company that offers a team of meteorologists that hand-maps the storms. All other services use algorithms, which can lead to inaccurate information. 

Accurate Hail Trace weather mp

Why did Best Roofer Marketing choose to partner with Hail Trace? 

Best Roofer Marketing has a mission to partner with businesses that hold the same high standard to impact the roofing industry as we do positively.  Hail Trace fits that standard while also providing a wonderful service to our customers. We want to see our customers be successful, and by providing the most advanced technology to them for their digital marketing plan, we know this will happen.  

  • Seasonal storms across the US demonstrate how unpredictable weather can be - a reminder that planning marketing campaigns require thoughtful consideration. Just like no two snowflakes are identical, each individual campaign must reflect its own unique strategy tailored to reach maximum success!
  • We harness tomorrow's potential by exploring cutting-edge technology and working hand in hand with top industry innovators who strive to take marketing beyond its current state.
  • Crafting the correct message to land at exactly the right moment can be a huge factor in converting homeowners. By utilizing Hail Trace’s precise and powerful weather data, the number of homes closed will be more likely.
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Hail Trace’s Mission 

 Hail Trace's mission is to partner with restoration companies by providing industry-leading ideas, marketing strategies, and weather-related data. Assisting them in accomplishing maximum growth while delivering a client-first mentality and a world-class experience! 

Best Roofer Marketing’s Mission 

At Best Roofer Marketing, our mission is simple.  We strive every day To Be The Best, Period.  And to that end, we have created our North star, The Billion Dollar Impact.  
What is the Billion Dollar Impact?  It's our commitment to partner with ONLY 100 Roofing Companies at a time, and when we say partner, we mean it.  We will commit to helping each of our partners sell $10M+ in revenue, and that's how we positively impact the roofing industry by One Billion Dollars. For us, it's just a big number with a lot of zeros, but when you dig in, one billion dollars will help families in need, pay for many college tuitions, bless communities, churches, schools, and more.  It's not about the revenue number, it's about the good that can be done with access to this revenue.

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