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Door Knocking Marketing for Roofers: It’s Not Dead but it is Digital

Posted by BēST Roofer Marketing on May 2, 2023

Roofer marketing efforts have traditionally relied on the knock on the door followed by the roofer marketing practice of an in-person assessment of the owner’s roof and follow-up remedies. The advantages of this roofer door-knocking strategy is an immediate personal connection with a potential customer, the ability to tailor your offering to specific issues, and the instantaneous opportunity to dispel potential customer objections.

  The down-side to this roofer marketing cold calling is time wasted (and gas) with homeowners who either can’t or won’t consider replacement or repair services.  Therefore, most roofing companies' marketing practices have moved into the digital age by utilizing search engines.  It is still possible to create the experience of the “knock on the door” without the physical effort of the actual door knock. Let's discuss the best way a roofing company can get roofing leads with a digital door-knocking strategy.

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Digital Door Knocking Tactics for Roofers

The Website and SEO

Before continuing, understand that digital marketing is really a reversal of the traditional doorknock.  The best digital marketing for roofers entices the customer to knock on YOUR door.  Therefore, the most important tool and foundation of the best roofer marketing campaigns is your roofing website.  Your website should contain all the information that you would share with a customer during a traditional in-person pitch, but also be populated with keywords (called search engine optimization words) that customers are most likely to use when searching for your business.  While offering contact information about your business, your website is also a great place to begin to connect with potential customers.  In addition, your website is a great place to compile email addresses and phone numbers of potential customers that you can use when utilizing other forms of marketing such as email marketing, direct mail marketing, and social media ads.

​Blog Posts are an important part of the website as well as they not only contain educational advice for homeowners and also public relation information about community service, but they are an additional place to include the keywords for search engine optimization. Your website should do more than just tell potential clients who you are, it should also tell Google who you are and capture their contact information.


Thanks to Google search and smartphone technology, when someone wants a new roof or replacement they simply type Roofer near me on their phone and they are immediately provided with the top roofing companies in their specific area. Making sure your business is on that first page is imperative to the success of your company.  PPC ads, also known as Google Ads or cost-per-click ads, are the new digital form of lead generation that is replacing the door-knocking strategies of the past. While SEO tactics can take several months to be effective, PPC ads are a quicker way of generating leads for people who actually need your services.

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Email Marketing

Once you are received a client's information via your website you can establish an email marketing sequence to keep in touch with the customer. Sending regular, though not excessive, emails will remind your potential customers of your services and keep your company name prominent, so when a customer needs roofing services, your company will be the first call.  Roofer marketing agencies can help you tailor email content to maximize its effectiveness.

Social Media

Social media can recreate the personal touch of the classic roofer door-knocking tactic.  Specifically, social media creates a personal connection with customers through pictures, posts, and blogs creating brand awareness.  Social media is a great way to answer specific customer questions, concerns, and queries.  Additionally, displaying reviews on your social media platforms will build confidence in your service and professionalism. In addition to your social media timeline, you can run Facebook advertising for lead generation as well based on the target audience information you gained from your website.


An excellent way to give potential customers an opportunity to experience the process of your roofing repair is to include videos across all digital platforms.  Videos give customers a real-time “before and after” look at the work you offer.  Customers can also experience working with you before they ever “work with you.” Best Roofer Marketing offers affordable videography all over the United States if you need quality and professional help.

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Direct Mail Automation

Once you have acquired the qualified leads from your website/ppc ads, an additional part of your marketing plan can be to include direct mail to the areas you know have approved insurance claims. We have strategic partnerships with Dope Marketing that utilize Google map technology to send direct mail ads to property owners offering a free roof inspection to the mailboxes of the customer base who are already seeing your trucks in their neighborhood.

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The Future of Roofer Marketing is Digital

The tools of the roofer industry are changing.  No roofer worth his salt uses a conventional claw hammer.  He chooses the AJC Magnetic Roofing Hammer with its sliding gauge, built-in utility blade AND a nail claw because it is specifically designed for a specific purpose.  Likewise, your digital marketing campaign can be specifically designed to target your customers and their specific needs.  Digital marketing isn’t just for fortune 500 companies.  Digital marketing is relatively inexpensive, available 24 hours, customizable, and most importantly, familiar to 21st century customers.  Creating and harnessing all aspects of digital roofer marketing ensures that you interact with high-quality leads knocking on YOUR door and rid yourself of yesterday’s outdated roofer marketing tactics.

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