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20 reasons why  RoofQuotePRO™ by Roofle is the premier lead generation tool for roofers

Posted by BēST Roofer Marketing on January 17, 2023

No one understands the roofing business like roofing contractors. When it comes time to market your roofing contracting business, who better to turn to than those with real-world experience? At Best Roofer Marketing, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with running a roofing contracting business. We specialize in helping businesses in the roofing industry reach their target audience through effective online marketing strategies. In addition to our experience, we have partnered with cutting-edge companies such as Roofle to provide state-of-the-art technology services that make your business stand out among the crowd. 

What exactly is ROOFLE? 

Roofle is a technology company built by contractors for contractors with a mission to empower roofers with the premier online estimation and lead generation tools. Its core software product is RoofQuotePRO™, a widget installed on your own personal website that will streamline the process of giving quotes to your potential clients. In this fast-paced world of technology where everyone is attached to a device, if you want your business to grow, you must provide an effective and fast response before your lead is gone. Roofle helps accomplish this by letting homeowners get an accurate potential price quote for roofing products you sell so there are no shocks and wasted sales calls.

Roof Quote Pro Software

 20 reasons why RoofQuotePRO™ is the premier instant estimation and lead generation tool for roofers:

1. Customized for your Brand 

As you can see, the tool can be customized to make your brand colors, fonts, buttons, and more unique to your business.  In addition, you can determine what products are included in your catalog so your customers can “shop” in an e-commerce fashion as they are so accustomed to in this online world. Imagine your business as the “Amazon” of the roofing industry in your area. The easier you make it to shop, the faster the sale will happen. 

2. The tool comes with a beautiful design Pro Portal to track leads, see analytics, and customize your tool.

3. Your subscription gives you unlimited use of the tool and adds as many users as you'd like.

4. The tool can be installed as a full-screen responsive embed, or a site-wide widget that slides out similar to a chat button.

5. Its proprietary technology uses the most accurate structure data available for calculating square footage.

6. This tool will automatically recognize multiple structures on the property and users can choose which to include in their quote.

7. Users can interact with the aerial imagery to fine-tune their roof outlines

ROOFLE instant quotes for roofers

8. Never send users to an external page, keep them on your site the entire time they get an instant quote

9. Show different products and set your pricing uniquely for each market location

10. Show up to eight real roofing products or services for each market (e.g. GAF Timberline HDZ instead of "Asphalt shingle roof")

11. Create custom product cards for any product or service you offer, such as roof rejuvenation, coatings, repair diagnosis.

12. Show both a total and monthly price using your own financing terms.

13. Customize exactly what is and is not included in your quote.

14. Build value right after a homeowner sees their price with a custom thank you screen and video.

15. Homeowners will receive beautifully designed emails with product details sent directly from your company.

16. Capture every address entered in the tool even when the user does not complete the contact form.

17. See the URL users converted on to understand which of your pages are performing best.

18. The tool supports webhooks which allow you to integrate and send data to other apps.

19. New features, improvements, and integrations are being developed and rapidly released at no additional cost

20. Get access to our client-only private Facebook group for direct support and exclusive content on marketing and growth strategies

Contractors Using RoofQuotePRO™ Boast Big Results

What better way to explain it than to show you a case study of a successful roofing client who has utilized the program? EMT Solar and Roofing, since they launched the tool on their website in September 2022 has generated 684 contacts!

Customize your Roofle Experience to match your roofing company's brand

Roof Quote Pro provides higher conversion rates for leads

Another successful metric is higher conversion rates.  Here is a screenshot showing analytics for Hoffman Weber Construction, showing a massive 42% conversion for users entering an address into the tool, and nearly 21% turning into leads. So even adjusting to account for internal usage, the tool is performing at a 14% conversion rate (1179 views, 165 contacts).  The average conversion rate for standard pages in home improvement is between 2-5%, so 14% would indicate 3-7x the lead generation using the tool!

Roof Quote Pro Conversions

5 Additional Values RoofQuote Pro provides to Contractors

1.Potential Lead Value

Exclusive leads cost on average can be anywhere from $105 - $400+ from different sources (Home Advisor, Google, Facebook, etc.) So essentially producing 1-3 extra leads per month from your marketing campaigns or organically from using the tool will warrant the monthly cost.

2. Potential Revenue Value

Let's call an average sale $15,000 with a gross profit of 30%, you only need to sell 2 jobs per year that came from having the tool in order to be profitable.

3. Measurement Savings

Many clients choose not to order a complete measurement until they actually need to order materials (post sale). You can save $20+ each time you use Roof Quote Pro to give quotes instead of purchasing a full measurement.  This is where a lot of our clients are using this in the field to produce real time estimates while door knocking.

4. Gas Savings

Using Roof Quote Pro to provide virtual estimates to leads can save on driving expenses and allow you to increase your service area.

5. Professionalism

Having this on your site gives your brand a more polished appearance, and homeowners are more likely to trust a contractor that is tech-savvy. This might lead to higher close rates.

Additional SEO Benefits for using ROOFLE

In the world of Google the more time a user spends on your website the more alerts Google receives that you are an expert in your industry. This in turn improves your SEO. By providing your customers with an eCommerce shopping experience you can guarantee they will spend more time browsing. RoofQuotePRO customers such as, Premier Group, and Roofing World are already reaching the first page of Google search which is always the object of SEO marketing.

How does Roof Quote Pro benefit Best Roofer Marketing Clients?

As a premier digital marketing agency, we know that the keyword term  “roofer near me” has 165K searches on Google in a month. At Best Roofer Marketing, our company mission is to help 100 roofing companies a year make 10 Million each. We know you don’t necessarily have time to get this software up and running, which is where we come in. 

When you hire Best Roofer Marketing to assist you with your website design and/or digital marketing efforts, we will use Roofle to help make your phone ring with the right customer, looking for the right type of work, in the right geography, at the right time.  It’s proven that over 90% of the information captured by the human brain is visual so by utilizing Roofle in your marketing mix we can achieve this quickly before the lead is gone. Even if your bid isn’t the cheapest, we will help the customer understand the value behind hiring your company. 

What makes Best Roofer Marketing different from other Digital Marketing agencies?

We pride ourselves on our ability to drive results. We take a data-driven approach to all of our campaigns, and we're constantly testing and experimenting to find new ways to improve our performance. Our team is made up of experienced professionals who are not only passionate about digital marketing, but also experts in the roofing industry. In addition to actively consulting and selling for these roofing companies, we have insurance experience and can speak to that significant revenue stream of your business, unlike any other marketing agency. 

 When you work with us, you can be confident that you're getting the most effective digital marketing services available. We see it through a different set of lenses and continuously pivot our best techniques to keep up with industry trends, supply costs, logistics, technology, and more.

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